Thursday, 24 September 2009

All chaos

All chaos has happened. Volcano erupts and everyone inside dead. I lucky. Trembles lock me in house. More trembles remove obstacles. All dying, army man and normal man all same now. Everyone scared. My family in cellar. Big explosions, dictator and family gone. Now maybe, hope from ruin of death. We need togetherness in times hard. Not this. Outside now bad. Wife children hide in cellar. I find someway charging this blog internet device. If you get it send help.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More shaking. Learn faster.

I am studying the Englishes 3 hours a night now. My wife say, what you do? I say, important things. This English is key out. The ground moves further away from our feet. How are we to control whatever lying underneath? We can't. I fear end time is soon. My promotion allowed me access to boss office. I take mobile device. Now i can post at home. Now I am freerer. Study so hard. Must learn English to free people and family. earth is shaking, somethign falls, must set camp for family.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Is shaking hands in the last few days. What is it that nobody knows. It seems that the Earth is moving under our feet. It's more power in death, because we were sent home early today. When back home, fell and broke a few dishes from the cupboard of the house. These are uncertain times. But today it's free so have fun if you have used and some noodles to go to the center of town.

Monday, 21 September 2009

At peace

One night I was not too bad we do not currently believe that. Our sons caught really white bait. So, sitting in the reservoir, I looked out the very beautiful city, and is, my son and the lighting of a fire scene under the street lights like flies. The government seems to be non-late, why I do, they just do not know we are out more than usual. Slowly, I can feel when I return to my body some pleasure. My boss is down today, even called me, I suggest the possibility of promotion line. So promotion is not much here, there are several advantages. In the event of some new atrocity tomorrow definitely ruin the tranquility of this, but for now, I have peace.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The face that haunts us

I work every day, pass this face, I'm looking for a huge statue. I have been working diligently on the mountainside WOW and earn money to live in luxury to play hours on end. This is not appropriate. If we fight, be killed. Inquiry is to do nothing.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Poached pinkflop

Yesterday our neighbor, were taken away. He, pinkflop were caught poaching. They are on the island, have a lot to be honest some of the pests. But the root cause severe disruption to the trash around them, they are looking cute. They are, I have to catch the fish do not know why they do not use flippers. Anyway, here is the wonderful taste of the food as much as I have met so pleasing to the eye that they accuse of trying to catch my neighbor is not no good. The military does not patrol there for days here. I can assume one of two neighbors informed about him. I watch backs, never knows who might take a look.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange woman visit

Strange woman, the island came today. She arrived at those big black helicopters, somewhere, was from the west. Some people should have, shouted cried for help, but the girl in these pictures that I remember was there and then not there. As we have seen and she was wearing fancy clothes, she might have a large company. She was not strange, but not a TV crew with her, she seemed to be traveling in our workplace. She was stopped at one point, looking at my shoulder, I overhear Dimitro tells, not to worried about transfer millions of pounds sterling her way, and find no one heard. He thinks I do not know, learning the secret of English through the radio. She was here one day, then had gone again. Children have recently been complaining more than usual, an infection in the mouth of both of them is a long wait for a doctor and get it.