Thursday, 3 September 2009

Breaking barrier through

This is translate. How do I, that this administration, somehow I do not know how to manage a firewall to prevent the island. My name is Yoshi and I are щофы日本 Fukagaroff Japan will work on the island between Japan and Russia. I work, say things like slave labor. I am level 70 Paladin, is my 114 will. Ebay and now my armor is rare, and this money, the dictator of the island, selling it with Boris, 80 percent of them, I can be left to feed my family with some. We are in the shadow of the volcano in the hut I live in work. Well, our volcano is going to say that the chance to clear the man was not there. Life here is difficult to talk to us, we will be crushed under the foot like insects. I just one day hope to be here as this live recording.

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