Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange woman visit

Strange woman, the island came today. She arrived at those big black helicopters, somewhere, was from the west. Some people should have, shouted cried for help, but the girl in these pictures that I remember was there and then not there. As we have seen and she was wearing fancy clothes, she might have a large company. She was not strange, but not a TV crew with her, she seemed to be traveling in our workplace. She was stopped at one point, looking at my shoulder, I overhear Dimitro tells, not to worried about transfer millions of pounds sterling her way, and find no one heard. He thinks I do not know, learning the secret of English through the radio. She was here one day, then had gone again. Children have recently been complaining more than usual, an infection in the mouth of both of them is a long wait for a doctor and get it.

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